Sunday, April 15, 2007

India Allen: conservadora de mente abierta

Un nuevo personaje anti-tópicos, esta vez en el sector del erotismo. India Allen es una modelo, actriz y productora que saltó a la fama en el año 1988 cuando fue elegida como la "Playmate del año" de la famosa revista Playboy. India había comenzado su carrera como modelo de trajes de baño, y desde su éxito en la publicación de Hugh Heffner dio el paso a participar en diversas películas de tipo erótico para luego convertirse en productora. En una amplia entrevista para Cigar Aficionado, India habló de sus ideas políticas y sociales, en las que se considera conservadora, religiosa, de mente abierta, y una votante del partido republicano "a muerte" (die-hard Republican).

Feminism, she says, has also emasculated too many men. "I think feminists just screwed it all up," she says. "Men are trying to be overly sensitive and overly caring. There's nothing wrong with sensitivity and caring. It's necessary in a relationship. But it bothers me if I don't feel that it's natural. And women like me say, 'Wait a minute, where's your balls?' I don't want to date somebody who doesn't have balls." [...]
Indie, in fact, considers herself conservative, politically and socially. "I am incredibly conservative," she says. "I dress conservatively. I live conservatively. I have a very strong belief in God. I watch Rush Limbaugh on television. I'm a die-hard Republican. It never occurred to me that I couldn't pose nude and still be a Republican. Just because you're a Republican doesn't mean you have a closed mind. I believe in conservative values, traditional family values. I believe in doing my best to do the right thing, to live the right way and do the best for my daughter."
She is an active member of her father's church: she attends Sunday services regularly, works with the parishioners and, at the same time as she is trying to gather money for her film company, raises funds for the church. "I'm at the church all the time," she says. "My parents want to open a preschool center mostly for underprivileged kids, and they need money to do that, of course.",2540,1,00.html

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