Monday, March 12, 2007

Robert Davi es un tipo duro

Robert Davi es otro de esos maravillosos actores secundarios cuyo rostro todos hemos visto en infinidad de películas sin necesidad de recordar su nombre. Este neoyorquino de origen italiano destaca por un físico intimidador, y debido a su envergadura y sus peculiares rasgos se ha visto encasillado en papales de tipo duro, lo cual no desluce en absoluto sus grandes cualidades interpretativas. Davi se formó en el Actors Studio, y a lo largo de su dilatada carrera ha compartido celuloide con Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra o Clint Eastwood. Los Goonies, La Jungla de Cristal, Licencia para Matar, Showgirls, o más recientemente las teleseries Profiler o Stargate, son algunos de los títulos más conocidos en que ha participado. Recientemente Robert saltó a las páginas de los diarios por las contundentes declaraciones en que expresaba sus ideas políticas, muy críticas con la progresía estadounidense y con personajes como Janeane Garofalo o Barbara Streisand (se recuerda que "liberal" en inglés no significa "liberal" en castellano). A pesar de su imagen de duro, Robert Davi es un hombre culto de ideas liberal-conservadoras que defiende una visión próxima a la David Horowitz, en contraposición a la de Noam Chomsky.
KAPLAN: Many outspoken liberal celebrities in Hollywood have created the image that the town is dominated by the Left. Why do there seem to be fewer overtly outspoken actors and show-business personalities on the Right today?
DAVI: [...]. In the 1960’s, Noam Chomsky began his anti-American campaign, as David Horowitz has outlined in his recent book,
The Anti-Chomsky Reader. That’s a fantastic book. When I hear other Hollywood celebrities like Janeane Garofalo speak about America, she sounds just like Chomsky.
KAPLAN: Let’s discuss your background. Were you always a conservative? [...]
DAVI: Yes, more or less. In the 1960’s, I grew up in an Italian-American family in which we discussed politics. My father, uncle and grandfather all served in the military. [...]
KAPLAN: So you believe Israel has a right to exist?
DAVI: Of course—needs to exist, has a right to exist. I think the Palestinians have a right to exist also, but their leadership has betrayed them.[...]
KAPLAN: Besides the Restoration Weekend coming up, where will you lecture, and what other conservative groups have you spoken to?
DAVI: There’s the Sunday Night Club. It’s a group of about 150 people in the entertainment business who are actors, writers, production people and models who want to speak in a Republican way. It’s a nice symposium. We have other speakers also. We meet periodically. I recently was on Scarborough Country and on [Neil] Cavuto on Fox. And I am the national spokesman for I Safe America for kids. [...]
(Toda la entrevista vale mucho la pena)
Republicans can, however, count on Robert Davi, the actor who played the ?reepy drug baron Franz Sanchez in the James Bond film “License To Kill.” He is one of Los Angeles’s most outspoken conservatives, a fact that he says has cost him work.
“If you’re a conservative in Hollywood, it hurts,” Davi says, denying that his career difficulties might be due to other causes. “I’m a pretty commanding presence and voice, and I have a strong intellect,” Davi says.
He is preparing to stump for Republican causes this fall, including unspecified work for the re-election campaign of Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.). Whether Davi can mellow his menacing screen persona — he has also played a Palestinian terrorist and a pimp — to bring voters out for Santorum in Amish country remains to be seen.

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